Deploy a BPEL composite to SOA Cloud Service from JDeveloper

I searched how to deploy to my SOA Cloud Service from JDeveloper. But I found nothing in the documentation.

Based on the fact that SOA CS is just SOA Suite, I tried do it by forwarding all the SOACS port to my laptop like this:

A. First,I created a ssh tunnel from my laptop to my SOA CS like this:

Note: I use Cygwin SSH and 111.222.333.444 is the public IP address of my SOACS.

B. Then, I added some entries in my host file:
> c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host.

I started Notepad in Administrator mode to edit the host file and added a mapping
– soacs-jcs-wls-1
– to (my laptop)

C. Then I deploy the SOA composite normally from Jdeveloper:

  • Right Click on the project. Choose Deploy, <ProjectName>…
  • Deploy to application Server (Next>)
  • Check “overwrite any existing composites with the same Revision ID” (Next>)
  • Select the server (or add a new one, I called mine SOACS, like this)

Created the connection to SOACS like this:


  • Choose the newly created application server (SOACS) (Next>)
  • Choose the SOA Server (there is just one) (Finish)


  • The application is deployed


Then you can see it and test it from SOACS

Go to Soa Cloud Service. Then choose the Fusion Middleware console:


Click the tree icon. Navigate in the tree to Soa-Infra.
Click on the deployed instance tab.


Click on the composite (here SoaHelloSync). Then click on the Test button. You can test your composite. In my case, this gives this.